BYOD Switcher

BYOD Switchers feature USB-C as well as HDMI/USB 3.0 connectivity for presenting as well as web-conferencing appliactions in a meeting space to facilitate true BYOD [ bring your own device) functionality.


Real benefit of deploying BYOD switchers is Convineance & Continuity in a meeting space used by people having different type of smart devices & laptops as presentation & conferencing source. These Switchers are of Auto-Switching (Hot-plug) type, thus further adding to the convience factor- wherein a remote is not required to switch between sources.


ClearOne UCS2100 Collaboration Switcher Kit is one such smart switching device, whcih further adds to convenience of deployment due to its requirement for minimal cabling ++ requirement of just one Cat6a cable running between conference-table to Av-Storage/TV for connecting sources with TV and peripherals liek USB Camera, Speakerphones or Camerbars, Interactive Monitors etc.

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