Interactive Monitors

Interactive Monitors are fast becoming a basic neccessity of every meeting space for facilitating a true collaborative enviroment for participants inside the room.

An Interactive Monitor is a large size professional LED Monitor which offers the convineance of whiteboarding and LIVE annotations over the Presentations being viewed on that Monitor. These monitors are both fingure touch and comes with Pen for scribbled during the whiteboarding or annotation sessions.

Anything one scribbles can be saved page by page and emailed lateron to participants for prupose of sharing the contents as well as creating MOMs later.

Some Monitors are not just Interactive monitors, but are also collaboration monitors. These Collaboration Monitors are all-in-one monitors having

   > Integrated High Resolution Camera

   > Integrated Microphones

   > Inbuilt Windows 10 PC with SSD storage


Above features allow Users to use these Collaboration Monitors for their Web-conferencing also (via natively installed applications like Skype/Teams/Cisco Webex) 


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