LifeSize ICON 450 Phone HD

Model no: LifeSize ICON 450 Phone HD

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LifeSize ICON 450 Phone HD is a full featured full HD 1080p resolution Video conferencing system having Special PTZ camera featuring Smart Framing sensor. Its Touch Screen based Mic cum speakerphone gives convenience of taking full control of Call from the Integrated Touch Screen.

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LifeSize ICON 450 Phone HD

LifeSize ICON 450 is a 1080p resolution full featured Video conferencing system bundled with Phone HD speakerphone

ICON450 is especially designed for Huddle rooms and small meeting rooms. Its an all in One hardware Codec and 5x PTZ Camera integrated in a one unit. Phone HD is a unique Mic cum speakerphone having integrated touch screen. The Touch screen allows you to view Directory*, Favourites, recent dial list, Call statistics as well to Dial out and Receive Calls. Camera Presets on Touch Screen allows you to move & focus your Camera on specific participant by justing tapping on it.

Small spaces need a perfectly simple solution.

The Compact form factor of LifeSize ICON 450 Phone HD is designed to bring face to face video communication into the Huddle room. 

Its Smart framing densor automatically adjusts the Camera to ensure that everyone in the room is visible during the call. Its excceptional sharp wide-angle lens provides an expanded field of view , capturing every one on screen in even the smallest of meeting spaces. If you are looking for a simple, scalabe way to deploy integrated, plus and play conference room Video systems across your small meeting rooms, LifeSize ICON 450 is a perfect fit.


5X OPTICAL ZOOM                         SMART FRAMING Sensor                       82 Degrees FOV                  PLUG & PLAY Install             Full HD Presentation Sharing

LifeSize Icon 450, when paired to Lifesize cloud subscription, allows you to do multi-party video calls to upto 50 locations while consuming just 2MBPs. Lifesize Cloud subscription is a yearly subscription for adding mobility and multi-party video calling capability 

One Cloud Video Extension number is allotted to ICON 450 at the time of its purchase, which allows you to accept Point-Point Video calls even from Guest users having just a Laptop / Smartphone connected to Internet.

Specs subject to change without notice by manufacturers.

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