Video Wall Solution for Digital Signage

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We offer portfolio of high-quality commercial-and professional-grade digital video wall solutions. Ultra-Narrow Bezel - High Brightness- LED display Monitors form a near seemless Video Image in a Video wall setup - Making it Ideal for NOCs or Reception of an Office, Public Areas like MALLs, Showrooms, Cinema Halls for Digital Signage applications.

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Video Wall Solutions

A video wall is generally a large matrix for multiple Super-Thin Bezel professional display monitors fixed together to form one single large image. Large screen Image display formed by a Video wall enables you to add WOW factor to your site as well as ensures Customer engagement. Video walls are deployed for

   Digital Signage  [ Promotion & Information dissemination ]     Or as     Large Format Display for Townhalls or Video conferencing [ for addressing large Audience ]                 

We have portfolio of high-quality commercial and Professional-grade Video Wall solutions which are ideal for dynamic Digital Signage and Information Video Wall Applications

We offer Ultra Narrow Bezel Displays of following makes for Video Wall and Signage Applications

   NEC                    LG                    SAMSUNG                    PHILIPS                    PANASONIC

46", 49" and 55" Ultra Narrow Bezel displays having LED Backlighting and Full HD resolution allow for simple Installation and Astonishingly Bright Video Wall having almost seemless Image formation. These displays are :-

  a). Available for 24x7 applications.

  b). have a Bezel to Bezel gap varying between 3.5mm to as low as 1.7mm

  c). hsve high brightness and uniform colour calibration for seemlessly forming a lerge videowall matrix.

The Contemporary Large format displays have unique feature called 'TileMatrix', which allows to loop through a single source signal to all displays in a Video wall setup. Hence, in a Single-source Single-Wall Image scenario, Video wall solution can be implemented without the need of an expensive Video wall processor.

Video Wall Processors are also avalable for demanding applications or for flexibility of managing each display in a Matrix. A Videowall processor allows you to display multiple windows on the videowall display or Image from just One source on all displays Available Brands are:-

  Extron                              Kramer                              ATEN

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Disclaimer : Features and Models change as per manufacturer's plans

Video Wall and Digital Signage


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