Wall Mountable Projection Screens

Model no: Wall Mountable Projection Screens

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Wall Mountable Manual Pull Down Self-locking & Remote-Controlled Motorized Screen

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Imported Wall Mountable projection Screen available in two types

      - Manual Pull Down Self-locking Screen with Slow retraction

      - Remote-Controlled Motorized Screen


Screens are available in following Fabric types

      - Matte White

      - Glass Beeded


Features :-

      Manual Screens     : Heavy duty Self-lock mechanism with SRS (Slow retarction)

      Motorized Screens : Heavy duty Tubular Mechanism with long life and silent operation


Sizes Available :

      -  6 x 4 ft 

      - 7 x 5 ft

      - 8 x 6 ft 

      - 10 x 7 ft  

      - 12 x 9 ft

       Custom Sizes in 4:3 and 16:10 format also available.


#Brands : InLight, Liberty GrandView

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