Maxhub Interactive Panel S65

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Maxhub S65FA is an 65inch (D) interactive collaboration monitor with inbuilt PC, Integrated 8MP camera and 6nos. powerful Mics having coverage of upto 8mtrs. Maxhub is powered by dual system of Android 7.0 and Windows 10 Enterprise. User can natively launch web-collaboration APPs like Skype/Teams/ Webex/ Zoom etc from the Monitor's own GUI/desktop. Maxhub S65 has a very sensitive and smooth touch which gives an good experience for Whiteboarding and Annotations over presentations being shared on screen.

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Interactive Collaboration Monitor

Large format display monitor featuring 4K UHD resolution, high brightness panel, smooth touch experience and wide-viewing angle for Interactive presentations and doing web-conferencing nativelyMaxhub S65 is a wall-mountable 65inch diagonal size collaboration monitor. Floor stand is an optional item.


                        Maxhub has a builtin PC, 8 MP Camera and 6nos Mics

  Eliminates the need for carrying Laptop for Presentation or Web-Conferencing


Maxhub S65 comes equipped with a builting i5 PC having 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage. It has a dual system of Android 7.0 and Windows 10 Enterprise (peloaded). You may install your popular webconferencing APPs like Skype, Teams, Zoom, Webex or LifeSize Cloud in the Monitor itslelf. You no longer need to carry your laptop to the meeting room for doing web-conferencing or for giving presentations.



                               Interactive writing frees your imagination

Innovative infrared touch technology delivers smooth writing experience.  Maxhub S55 supports both finger touch as well as pen-touch with a very fast Responce time and 2mm accurance. 

User friendly graphic design satisfies your writing needs. 


Maxhub S65

                               Wireless Interaction eliminates the cable limitation

Maxhub S65 brings you convineance of wired HDMI and Wireless connectivity for presentations. You can share your documents wirelessly from from Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets. Controlling your Laptop from the big screen is possible 

Maxhub S65 comes with 2nos. Wireless USB dongles for sharing presentatations wirelessly from Windows Laptop

Apple Macbook users or IOS device users may simply share their presentations wirelessly using AIRPLAY feature


Samsung flip wm55r.


  • 4K UHD Display [3840x2160 pixels]
  • 65inch diagonal size, DLED display monitor
  • Infrared Touch technology resistent to optical interference
  • HD image processing engine
  • Annotate in any channel 
  • 2nos HDMI inputs & 2 Nos. USB inputs, 1no. Touch USB Input
  • 1no. HDMI out
  • Supports WiFi Dual Frequency [ 2.4G / 5G]
  • Airplay Support for IOS devices/ Macbook
  • Inbuilt 8 Mega pixel camera [73degree viewing angle]
  • Integrated 6 nos. Microphones with 8mtr max pickup distance on bezel [Top - Centre]
  • Inbuilty PC module i5 / 8GB/ 128GB SSD
  • Dual Platform Android 7.0 / Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Dimesions: 1490x910x90mm  [supplied wall mount depth: 31mm]
  • Supplied accessories include 2nos pens, 2nos USB wirelss dongles

Samsung flip wm65r.


Specs subject to change without notice by manufacturers 

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