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LifeSize's ICON 400 is a feature packed yet economical Full HD Video Conferencing system having Full HD Integrated 3x PTZ Camera . Ideal for small meeting rooms and Cabins. LifeSize ICON 400, when paired with Cloud subscription. enables it to do upto 40way Video calling ICON400 comes in three variants - ICON 400 Digital Micpod - ICON 400 Phone 2nd Gen - ICON 400 Phone HD

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LifeSize ICON 400 video conferencing system

Designed especially for Small meeting rooms and Huddle Rooms with an exceptional small footprint, LifeSize ICON 400 brings the same brilliant video communication experience as the award winning LifeSize ICON 400 series. With a simple and intuitive interface that is as easy to use as a smartphone, the LifeSize ICON 400 enables users to quickly add video participant to call and share PC-Content with all participants on far-end.

LifeSize ICON 400 can be assigned a public static IP to act as a standard Point-Point Video conferecing hardware. It supports both H.323 and SIP video communication standards.

LifeSize Phone HD bundled with ICON 400 gives the users a simplified usage experience through its Touch Screen interface. The Touch screen allows users to scroll through the directory and dial out video calls without picking up the remote control. Phone is a Speaker cum Multiple Mic array built-in into one unit for a crystal clear audio pickup and loud enough for a large group of participants to hear.

LifeSize ICON400 can be paired with LifeSize Cloud also as a permanent Cloud extension (LifeSize Cloud subscription required additionally). Once paired with LifeSize Cloud, the ICON 400 gets enabled automatically for Instant video calls from a presence enabled shared directory, and to schedule or 'meet me' meetings in Virtual Meeting Rooms with single and/or group calling with upto 50 locations ( Soft clients as well as VC hardware).

LifeSize ICON400 is availale in two variants

    -  LifeSize ICON 400 Digital Micpod

    -  LifeSize ICON 400 Phone HD


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