Revolabs FLX2 Analog Conference Phone

Model no: Revolabs FLX2 Analog Conference Phone

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Revolabs desktop Wireless Conference Phone with Bluetooth Connectivity, designed specifically for conference rooms, executive offices & Video Conferencing rooms Revolabs FLX2 comes in two Variants - POTS (supporting PSTN analog telephone line) - VOIP (supporting IP phone setup)

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Revolab FLX™ Wireless Conference Phone

The Revolab’s FLX2, 2 Channel Desktop Wireless Conference Phone is designed specifically for conference rooms, executive offices & Video Conferencing rooms. The Revolabs FLX is based on Revolabs’ revolutionary wireless audio technology, which for years has delivered superior sound quality for audio and video conferencing to large conference rooms and boardrooms.

The Revolabs FLX2 package consists of

     - Wireless Speaker [1 No.]

     - Wireless Microphone [2 Nos.]

     - Wireless Dialer  [1No.]

     - Charging Station [1No.]

It redefines the traditional design of conference phones. The FLX comprises several distinct components giving users unprecedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones, and dial pad. Microphones and the speaker can be placed throughout the room to optimize sound quality. The Revolabs FLX is available with either a VoIP or analog phone interface.

Plug and play set-up out of the box, the Revolabs FLX can also serve as the audio interface with virtually any major brand of video conferencing equipment, providing the same high end audio performance within video calls.

FLX’s integrated Bluetooth technology provides a single collaboration device no matter which communication channel is used, allowing users to connect the speaker and microphones to their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

For unmatched flexibility, it is available in a number of versions with different microphone configurations to best meet your specific needs :

     Two omni-directional microphones (FLX2-200): The perfect solution for medium-sized conference rooms where two distinct areas of the room need to be covered.

     One wearable and one omni-directional microphone (FLX2-101): Optimized for conference room presentations with live audiences.

     Two directional microphones (FLX2-020): Ideal for audio of video conferences where participants are in a limited area.

     Two wearable microphones (FLX2-002): For conference room presentations without live audiences

Key Benefits

     Versatility: Available with two microphones in VoIP or Analog phone interfaces (Two Variants available).

     Bluetooth Enabled: Provides support for mobile devices.

     Crystal-Clear Audio: Feel like you are all in the same room.

     No GSM Interference: Revolabs wireless microphones are impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices.

     Secure: 128-bit encryption means no one will be able to listen in on the signal sent between the microphone and base station.

     The Freedom of Wireless: Microphones and the speaker can be placed throughout the room to optimize sound quality.

     Convenience: Make private calls using the handset.

     Cost effective: Supports both audio and video conferencing to reduce the amount of equipment in the conference room, minimizing costs and management overhead.

     Flexibility: Can be mixed and matched with a variety of HD wireless microphones

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